Dr. Jeanniton’s signature approach to facial rejuvenation conscientiously considers each element of your face to enhance and maintain your natural characteristics while aligning with your lifestyle and aesthetic vision. This holistic approach underscores her training as a board-certified plastic surgeon and her less-but-better philosophy, which advocates efficacious skincare and fewer precise, complementary treatments performed over time to address your unique concerns as they evolve.

Approach Surface


Your skin is your canvas. With age, its collagen and elastin production decrease as does its ability to retain moisture and promote cell turnover. These diminished processes, along with repetitive muscle contraction, can result in dynamic and static wrinkles, pigmentation, rough texture and enlarged pores. Brooklyn Face & Eye’s non-surgical Surface treatments combine with Dr. Jeanniton’s signature epi.logic skincare products to smooth skin’s exterior, even its tone and improve its overall radiance and glow.


Chemical peels and laser resurfacing boost lagging cell turnover, addressing pigmentation and textural changes. Microneedling and microinfusion treatments stimulate collagen, while nanofat transfers amplify the body’s own collagen conservation processes. Muscle control is achieved through the injection of wrinkle relaxers, like Botox, which ease lines, furrows and soft tissue displacement.

Approach Shape


Your contours define how light and shadow is cast on your face. A well-proportioned face features appropriately filled fat compartments (or pads) in their anatomically correct positions. With time, these fat pads diminish and descend, flattening facial contours and creating hollows and folds.


To offset volume loss, Dr. Jeanniton performs custom non-surgical contouring using hyaluronic acid injections that soften hard angles, decrease shadowing and trace your face’s natural anatomy and form. Depending upon your unique characteristics, the injections target the forehead, temples, brows, upper lids, lower lids, cheeks, nasolabial folds and/or lips.

Approach Structure


Your bones are the foundation of your face. In time, bone resorption and loss of ligament support changes this structure, often causing the sagging and descent of overlying tissues, particularly the cheeks and nasolabial folds, as well as the blunting and angle of the jawline.


Dr. Jeanniton replaces lost volume with injectable bio-similar calcium fillers strategically placed at key musculoskeletal areas — the temples, midface and jawline — to reinforce the supportive elements that make up the face’s bony foundation. When more pronounced volume loss is present, a bio-stimulatory filler that promotes neocollagenesis is also used to restore volume. Additionally, non-surgical suspension thread lifting can be employed to support weakened facial ligaments, with thread placement precisely designed to mitigate gravity’s long-term effects.

All filler injections are performed at Brooklyn Face & Eye in Park Slope.