A board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeanniton has completed 10 years of medical and surgical training. Her four years of medical school and six years of post-graduate education include an advanced fellowship in oculofacial plastic surgery. Her training comprises the most innovative cosmetic and reconstructive oculofacial plastic surgery techniques, as well as efficacious treatments for all areas of the face.

Dr. Jeanniton roots her recommendations in her signature Surface, Shape, Structure approach and essential less-but-better philosophy. She often prescribes combination services that promote a refreshed appearance whilst maintaining your natural character and expression. As a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, she is also uniquely qualified to advise upon and offer a range of surgical procedures for those who seek subtle rejuvenation of the delicate eye area, including eyelids and eyebrows.

Please bring details of your current skincare regimen, prior cosmetic and surgical procedures, as well as relevant medical records, to your consultation. Past photographs showcasing you feeling like your best self are also appreciated (please ensure your face is clearly visible). If you are considering receiving injectable treatments the day of your consultation, refrain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours prior to your treatment. It is also advisable to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil and Vitamin E for 10 days prior to your appointment.

Dr. Jeanniton performs minimally invasive procedures — such as Botox, injectable fillers, removal of growths and skin cancer (“Mohs”) reconstruction — and surgical upper eyelid lifts (or upper blepharoplasty) in her office, using local anesthesia. For procedures that require sedation, Dr. Jeanniton works with a locally accredited surgery center or a hospital.

Arriving at Brooklyn Face & Eye an hour prior to the procedure, you are offered anxiety-reducing medication that combines with the serene, private environment to ensure a relaxing surgical backdrop. Dr. Jeanniton then applies her planned markings and administers a numbing injection to the upper lids, eliminating procedure pain. The procedure itself typically lasts less than an hour and comprises light conversation and your choice of music. 

Your recovery time depends upon the service. For most noninvasive services, including Clear + Brilliant laser treatments, Botox injections and injectable fillers, there is little to no recovery time. Recovery time for surgical procedures is highly dependent upon the procedure and will be comprehensively discussed ahead of your surgery.

Dr. Jeanniton provides all patients with guidance as to how to protect their post-treatment skin. Additionally, she recommends always wearing sunscreen to shield your skin, protect your investment and avoid accelerating signs of aging. She also offers customized skincare plans that include her science-based epi.logic line and options for medical-grade products.

Everyone contributing to your care at Brooklyn Face & Eye functions in a clinical environment so we do not accept gratuity. The best tip you can give us is to return so we can continue to care for your beautiful face.

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