Subtly, yet significantly rejuvenate the eye area with this specialized, minimally invasive eyelid surgery. Also known as blepharoplasty, it is designed to address the various aesthetic concerns that can result from the natural aging process. 

Specifically, upper eyelids can become heavy and inhibit makeup application — or even obstruct vision (a.k.a. eye hooding). Facial muscles may respond to the increased lid weight by attempting to raise the eye skin, thereby creating horizontal forehead lines, deep brow furrows or high brows with severe contours.

On the lower lids, as delicate eye tissues become crepey and loose, underlying muscles and tendons weaken and sag. The combination allows fat pads to push forward and bulge, creating undereye bags, which are often magnified by hollowed tear troughs. 

Dr. Jeanniton’s modern eyelid lifts can address all of these issues and more. They begin with a personal assessment of your concerns and desires, taking into account your natural eyelid shape. Featuring a forward-thinking focus on preserving volume, the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or combination procedures restore rather than change your facial structure, leaving your eye area refreshed, with near invisible scars. 

Along with generally rejuvenating the eye area, an upper eyelid lift removes excess eye skin, redefining the eyelid crease and allowing for easier makeup application. A lower eyelid lift includes undereye bag removal, reducing the need for concealer to combat undereye circles and cold compresses to reduce puffiness.

Notably, an upper eyelid lift can be performed at Brooklyn Face & Eye, a locally accredited surgery center or a hospital. While results from all locations are equally extraordinary, procedures performed at Brooklyn Face & Eye’s boutique Park Slope practice allow for a customized, comfortable experience defined by a calm environment, complete privacy and soothing music.